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System that will reliably retain control links from partner sites. Since that time partner asks moderate exchange links with sites that are friends of our sites and we've got ourselves a couple in exchange we decided to create a practical utility that can guard peoples similar as was their time "Otaberlín Goes" and others cheaters. Our goal is not to encourage spammers to crowded footers, but offer those who have done well marketing the site and on it a couple of links to related sites, truly a partner or otherwise logically associated, to effectively manage these links with the least administrative burden and loss of much valuable time .

What system do?

  • At a glance you check whether someone deleted the link
  • The system detects whether the partners do not use "nofollow"
  • Those who deleted you a link, one click send greeting
  • Contacts for partners to have in one place
  • Records of any number of sites and their partners
  • It's free, works reliably and quickly - nothing more and nothing less!


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